Our Mission: We introduce people to the healing presence of Jesus so they will have life-changing encounters with God and experience true freedom in their lives.


Serving San Antonio, Cuero and surrounding areas, Christ Healing Center specializes in creating safe spaces for people to receive God’s healing through Jesus Christ.

Core Values

FREEDOM – Freedom in life comes from encountering God and encountering healing community. We don’t know how Jesus has and will encounter you, but at CHC we work intentionally to make space for that to happen in our midst. We value it above everything else.

It was for Freedom that Jesus set us free. The story of the Exodus is the dominant story of our lives: God is passionately pursuing our freedom, delivering us from what enslaves us and leading us into covenant relationships of life. God covenants with us like a groom to his bride. This relationship of loving communion with God and with others is the foundation for our freedom in life.

“The free God desires the free worship of a free people.”
– Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, To Heal a Fractured World

ONENESS – we are awakening more to the connectedness we have with God and each other. We value this discovery process and our center schedule revolves around it. From our staff relationships to our volunteer teams we pursue life together and ministering from our connectedness. We are not the same and uniformity is not our goal, however we truly believe that we are better together.

In John 17 we get a glimpse into the prayer life of Jesus right before He lays down His life, what does He pray for? That you and I would be one just as He and the Father are one.

“The Glory that you have given me I have given to them, that they may be one even as we are one, I in them and you in me, that they may become perfectly one, so that the world may know that you sent me and loved them even as you loved me.” – John 17:22-23

GIVE IT AWAY – We believe in giving away what we’ve received. As we encounter God’s goodness in our lives we discover that our journey with Him is deeply personal for us, but it’s always about more than just us. If it can help someone else, we value sharing it. We aspire to be a generous organization made up of open-handed people.

We are not a one-man or one-woman show. In fact, if there’s something we don’t want to give it’s a show. God’s healing is for everyone and can flow through everyone, not a select few. One person’s gifts can be shared with others. The lessons we learn are for the collective community. We do our best to share both our strengths and weaknesses with each other, trusting that we’ll all be better off because of it. This modality is deeply rooted in the history of God and God’s people.

“We learned early on that we had to give away what God had given us. This isn’t the Jack and Anna Marie show, it’s God’s goodness on display for everyone to experience.” – Jack Sheffield, Founder CHC


Healing in Life, Wholeness in Death.

We provide healing prayer both at the center and in strategic places of partnership, for example, hospital chapels.

The center offers personal prayer appointments, training classes, space for prayer, worship, healing services and conferences.

Healing is for everyone and at CHC all are welcome.

We all need healing. Life can hurt. We are not just physical or just spiritual beings. Our bodies are affected by our emotions just like our emotions and spirits are affected when our bodies are sick. We exist to help bring the healing of Jesus to your life.

Healing comes in many ways. At Christ Healing Center we have seen cancer tumors disappear before our eyes and we have blessed friends as they pass from this life to the next. We have seen reconciliation come to families in minutes through inner healing and we have seen families find new life together over years of steps toward healing.

Vision and Goals

Healing Individuals in Healing Communities.

Our vision is to develop healing centers in strategic outposts in San Antonio and beyond.

While we do offer prayer appointments at our center, we also spend time training teams and leaders to pray in sensitive yet powerful ways in their own home churches, neighborhoods or whatever unique places their journey takes them.

We are a healing resource for cities. We train, pray and send teams into places of invitation and partnership.

Our Goal: wholeness for the total person, growing communities of equipped healers, and cities that are better off because of our work.

A Few Keys:

  • Worship
  • Receiving & Giving God’s Love
  • Fostering Personal Connection with God
  • Hearing God’s Voice
  • Staying Connected as Community
  • Staying Rooted in God’s Word
  • Expressing God’s goodness & beauty through our gifts & calling


Have you ever truly felt God’s Presence? Heard God’s voice? Been suddenly aware that you are loved and not alone? Let Jesus show you lies you believe about yourself and watched as He replaced those un-truths with grace and loving-kindness?

Have you ever experienced a miracle? A physical healing? A radical turn around? Have you ever felt unstuck after a long, hard season in the weeds? Have you ever felt deeper-than-words and stronger-than-circumstances PEACE? Have you ever felt calm over take what once was churning in your gut?

What is it to encounter Jesus? For us, it has taken many forms. Our experiences of God’s Presence are many and varied. Some are easy to relate and others we haven’t even begun to understand, but they have a general feel to them: loving freedom. Connectedness to God. Awakening. Peace. Perspective. Joy. Hope. Strength. Grace. Life.

Spaces of Encounter

Communion & Wide Open Worship Wednesdays – From 10:00 to 4:00 our chapel is open, worship music playing, come and go as you please. Pray. Worship. Sit. Think. Study. Do work. Be in God’s Presence. Sit in Peace. Think. Drink deeply of sacred time and space for connection with God.

Communion and drop-in prayer offered from 12 – 1PM Wednesdays 

Monthly Community Worship Night, (1st Wednesday of the month) 6:30 – 8:30 Community Worship. Teaching. Healing Prayer.

Personal Prayer Appointments – Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, schedule online.

Methodist Stone Oak Hospital Chapel – From 12 to 1 every Wednesday. All patients, care takers, family members and medical staff welcome. Drop in for prayer at any time during the hour.

Methodist Specialty & Transplant Hospital Chapel – From 12 to 1 every Thursday. All patients, care takers, family members and medical staff welcome. Drop in for prayer at anytime during the hour.

D.R. Semmes YMCA – From 10 to 11 every Wednesday. All are welcome to come and receive prayer for any needs. You’ll find us as you enter the Y in the workout room across from the front desk.

Cuero Community Hospital Chapel – From 12 to 1 every Wednesday. All patients, care takers, family members and medical staff welcome for prayer. Drop in for prayer.

Gonzales Hospital Chapel – From 12 to 1 every Tuesday. All patients, care takers, family members and medical staff welcome for prayer. Drop in for prayer.

Otto Kaiser Memorial Hospital, Karnes County – From 12 to 1 every Wednesday. All patients, care takers, family members and medical staff welcome for prayer. Drop in for prayer.

Christ Healing Center – Cuero – Are you in Cuero or South Texas? Connect with us – email Angela Hamilton at angela@christhealingcenter.com


Equipping Classes – all of our classes are focused on partnering with God to receive and release the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. God in our day to day. Heaven on earth. Peace. Joy. Hope. Power. Healing. Growth. Sharing tangible Love and life. You will encounter God in our classes, you will discover Jesus’ healing ways, and you will be equipped to share it with others.


We train teams who are able to carry the heart of Christ Healing Center into the city. We love to partner with organizations where healing prayer is helpful and desired. We work with the medical community in the important work of healing that is already happening everyday in doctor’s offices and busy hospital floors. Our hospital training class is specifically for people who will serve on CHC teams in the hospital setting. What is received in all of our classes is meant to be shared beyond the walls of CHC in some capacity. .


Jack and Anna Marie Sheffield co-founded Christ Healing Center in 2004. At that point, they had experienced and facilitated Jesus’ healing ministry for over 20 years witnessing healings and miracles of God’s grace and power all over the world.

While itinerate ministry was a joy for Jack and Anna Marie, their passion to see sustainable healing ministry take root in communities led them to San Antonio. They traded in a life filled with travel for commitment to a home base. The call they felt was to help establish centers where healing encounters, training and growth could flourish. Following that call led to the birth of Christ Healing Center San Antonio.

“I wanted more than ‘one hit wonders’ – meetings where we would never see the people we prayed for again, I knew that for healing to take hold, we needed a place for people to be known, to ask their questions and to come back to repeatedly when battling serious illness. What about the people who didn’t get healed in that one healing meeting they came to? Where are they supposed to go with their questions and to receive more prayer?”
   -Jack Sheffield

Christ Healing Center has prayed with over 10,000 people since 2004 through events and at our personal prayer appointment center. In 2015, Christ Healing Center began a new season of outreach taking our teams outside the walls of CHC to partner with local medical professionals to supplement the wonderful work of healing they take part in everyday.

Currently, we are launching another Christ Healing Center in Cuero, TX.

We are in a new season of growth at CHC. Our staff is expanding, our volunteer teams are growing, and we are thrilled to be in Cuero, TX. We recently renovated our office and remodeled our sanctuary – come by and see our face-lift!

These are things we could not do without your encouragement and support. Thank you for making this work possible. We love getting to partner with San Antonio and South Texas to see God’s Kingdom grow in our communities.

Staff And Board


Jack Sheffield, Executive Director

Cayce Harris, Director of Operations

Xaviera Szeman, Director of Marketing & Development

Angela Hamilton, Administrator Cuero

Hope Ince, Executive Secretary

Deborah Boggs,  Outreach & Operations Coordinator

Rosalind Hervey, Community Equipping Leader

Sonia Roper, Personal Prayer Appointment Teacher & Leader

Nate Troia, Heart to Heart Leader

Winchester Kelso, Worship Pastor

Board of Directors

Ashlee Kinsel, Chairman

Bitsy Rubsamen, Chairman Emeritus

Jack Rodgers, Treasurer

Caroline Schupbach, Secretary

Brooke Peacock

George Pond

Cari Spielhagen

Advocate Board

Deborah Amini

Edna Archer

Rick & Carol Archer

Robert M. Ayers, Jr.

Jeff & Anne Marie Bailey

Lisa & Tim Blonkvist

Veronica & John Boldt, MD

Mary Carter

Andra & Scott Charlton, MD

Janice Clyborne

Judith Bennett Crawford

Joey & Kelley Feste

Mary Beth Fisk

Tom C. Frost

Bill Galbreath

Ben & Sarah Halbach

Ann Himoff

Chris & Natalie Jones

Emilie Pitman-Kreager

Richard Peacock

Dina & Cliff Swartz

Nancy & Torgie Torgerson

Tracy Vardiman

Candy Wagner

Mertie & Dale Wood, MD

Mike & Lil Yates

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