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Assemble the Elders!


For the last few weeks, it has been burning in my heart that we have come into a time of shifting in the Body of Christ. There is a call going out from the Holy Spirit to assemble the elders. This is a new season, in which, there will be raised up, like never before, an assembly of elders, who will pour out into the next generation wisdom and revelation, that will ignite a revival in our land that will not fade away, but will endure until the coming again of Christ.

It was no surprise to the Lord, that there would be a generation of “baby boomers” that would come into the winter season of their life in huge numbers. There is collective wisdom, both in the natural and in the supernatural, that is now going to be imparted to the next generations.

There will be an honor and respect return towards the elders among us in the Kingdom of God.
The very generation that spurned their elders, “You can’t trust anyone over the age of thirty,” is going to reverse that curse and begin to show honor to the elders among us. Wisdom is arising!

In the prophet Joel, there are several references to assembling the elders. In Joel 1:
2 Hear this, you aged men, give ear, all inhabitants of the land! Has such a thing happened in your days, or in the days of your fathers? 3 Tell your children of it, and let your children tell their children, and their children another generation.

And again:
14 Sanctify a fast, call a solemn assembly. Gather the elders and all the inhabitants of the land to the house of the LORD your God; and cry to the LORD.

And again in Joel 2:
15 Blow the trumpet in Zion; sanctify a fast; call a solemn assembly;16 gather the people. Sanctify the congregation; assemble the elders; (Emphasis mine)

These are all references to the last days. I hear God speaking to my heart as one who is entering into my elder years, “Get ready! Prepare to be poured out! Assemble yourself with the Body of Christ, and receive all that your elders have to give.” I am being called to lift up every elder in my life with respect and dignity, to encourage them and let them know how very essential they are to all of us! And I am being called to lay aside my childish ways and walk into my own maturity; to see my Lord Jesus, face to face and receive every bit of wisdom He has for me so that I may raise up the next generations.

Praise to the Ancient of Days!!
Blessings, Anna Marie

Answered Prayer


Yesterday morning, as I was leaving my house, I asked the Lord to let me reach at least one person that day for Him.

I went on my way, busy, busy, busy, completely forgetting about my prayer.  It was a good day, an emotional day, as Jack and I shared with our team at the Christ Healing Center about Mary’s last days and her funeral service.  After our classes at the center, Jack took me out to Ya Ya’s Thai restaurant…should be called Yum Yum’s!  After our delicious meal of pot stickers and spicy green curry, I decided to go to the mall to get some new makeup.

The most delightful woman assisted me at the Lancome counter in Macy’s. Judy is her name.  We began to chat and she asked me what I did for a living.  When I told her that I prayed for people, that I loved Jesus, she asked me to pray for her husband Frank who had had a stroke that changed their lives considerably.

So, we prayed, right there in the department store, and I told her to expect the Lord to answer.

She said, ” He already is! I asked Him this morning for more! And here you are!”
I remembered my prayer from the morning and replied, “I asked Him to make a difference for someone today, and here you are!”

We hugged about five times!!

What a good guy God is!  He came through for me even though I completely lost my focus yesterday!

Even the Cactus Blooms!

5.10.2011 189

I am encouraged by watching nature!  Even when I feel my very worst, I see the prickly pear cactus. Normally, the cactus is looking really bad: boring color, spiky thorns and non-descript.  But in due season, it blooms and there is nothing more lovely.

Today, I woke up feeling like the blooming cactus.  Had the idea of starting a blog to journal my progress over the next 60 days as I live into the bloom!  I have the need to be held accountable for my decision.  I used to get that from a runner’s group I belonged to.  But now my life is too crazy to meet others on Saturdays to run.  So you all are my new group!  I have already heard from a few that are joining me on the challenge.

If anyone else wants to join, just go to Leave your name and blog address(If you have one) in the comment section.  Become a follower of the blog and share the link on your Facebook   Let me know you have done it and I will add your name to a drawing for a free book, God’s Healing River and a bracelet. The drawing will be after the 60 days are up.

Let us know what you are doing for your challenge and any prayer requests you have as we go alone.

Just think, by July 10 we will be gorgeous and healthy and energized!!!

Blessings, Anna Marie

The Perspective of Community!

dec 09 020

I love taking photos.  I love the way a camera focuses my vision.  When you get behind the lens of a camera, you are always looking for that perfect shot.  I am sometimes amazed at the things I see in a picture that I missed in real view!  For example, the expressions on faces of people in the background, the bugs on the flowers, and sometimes even optical illusions, that demonstrate the power of perspective!

I have an incredibly talented cousin, Karen, who takes some of the most creative photos I have ever seen.  She taught me the power of perspective.  She and her husband both love to take pictures looking up at things, buildings, faces etc.  What it makes me think of, is how our perspective changes when we look up to God.  He is the Creator and when we look at things with His perspective we see new possibilities.

This past Tuesday, I had such an aha moment.  As I was talking to God,  He gave me the idea of blogging my health plan.  I have learned that everything in my life goes better when I am in Community; when I walk out my journey with brothers and sisters.  I am held accountable to my life.  When I live “in the Light as He is in the the Light I have fellowship with them and the Blood of Jesus cleanses me from all sin.” (paraphrase of 1 John: 1:7.)

This means, that I am cleansed in a way that removes those ways in which I miss the mark through my transparency with my Community and submission to their holding me accountable in ways that may not happen when I walk alone.

This was a new perspective for me.  I have always tried to get healthy on my own.  Never before have I shared my thoughts and habits and struggles with others like I am doing through this blog:

I have felt the difference in knowing I am accountable.  Now, I know that this is not a new concept to many of you.  Groups like Weight Watchers have helped millions.  But this is different for me.  I am asking God about everything I do and eat, and don’t do or eat.  I am feeling His good pleasure as I turn all these decisions over to Him.  I don’t believe I have ever felt this free before or this empowered!

Today I worked the polls for our city-wide election.  My co-workers came loaded for bear!  They brought honey-buns, cookies, nuts etc…As I asked the Lord about the goodies, thinking that ‘this is a special day,’ wanting to participate in mindless snacking, I realized He was saying, “Really? You want to eat that junk???”
Suddenly, none of it appealed.  I was actually repelled by the thought of putting all that junk in my body and my day became so easy!  It actually got funny!  They kept saying, “You sure you don’t want anything??”  They even sent out for ice cream!  I had absolutely NO desire for any of it!! This is so new! I felt so blessed and empowered!

My perspective has definitely changed!  I never want to eat anything without asking Jesus about it again!  What was really the icing on the cake for me…(I need to change my metaphors)  Was when about 30 minutes after my friends consumed their ice cream, they were complaining about how bad they felt!  I tried really hard not to fall into the sin of smug!  LOL!

Blessing y’all!! Anna Marie

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