Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does Christ Healing Center promote healing?

A. The center employs Christian healing prayer, through the name of Jesus Christ and with the partnership of the Holy Spirit, to bring people to health and wholeness. The center also serves as a bridge to bring the healing message of Jesus Christ to the community.

Q. Who works for Christ Healing Center? Who prays for people?

A. While an ordained minister runs the center, Christ Healing Center is lay-driven. In the past, only “professionals” have been thought to constitute the healing ministry, but we seek to uncover and release the wonderful gifts and talents of the layperson in the area of healing. Please let us know if you are interested in joining one of our prayer teams.

Q. Which denomination sponsors Christ Healing Center?

A. It is inter-denominational. Every church in the Body of Christ will be invited to send people to be helped or healed. The center will work closely with pastors and churches to refer people to and from the center. We will recommend each prayer recipient get involved in a local church.

Q. Where is Christ Healing Center located?

A. Christ Healing Center is located at  135 W. Olmos Dr. San Antonio, Texas 210-930-7760

Q. Who can participate?

A. Christ Healing Center is volunteer-driven. Many persons from all over the city and from every walk can participate at the many levels of service and ministry associated with the center. The center seeks the involvement of the whole Christian community.

Q. Is there a cost involved?

A. The services of the center are offered free of change. There are no fees attached to the ministry of prayer given at the center. If you would like to give a donation to help support the ministry, you can do so here or at the center.