ONE exercise you don’t have time NOT to do – FEED your Soul and ours today

“I was done with ‘my faith,’ tired of trying so hard, ready to change anything and everything. Wanting Jesus but not all the muck of guilt, fear-driven faith and constant self-scrutiny. I told God I loved Him and was in, but done with striving so hard to follow Him. Expecting to be branded ‘rebel,’ I fell into new life and new love. I could breathe again. At age 19, Life changed on the inside more dramatically than anyone could have guessed from the outside.”

Cayce Harris
CHC staff, Mom of 4

I went first. Now it’s your turn.

Here are the rules per my friend Darrell (Thank you Darrell Smith and Webber Institute for Worship Studies!)

  1. Think of a time when you knew you would follow Jesus for the rest of your life.

-It doesn’t have to be the first time or a conversion experience, just a time when what you experienced, witnessed or were going through affirmed within you that you were with Jesus come what may.

  1. A few moments probably came to mind, now just pick 1.
  1. Write 3-5 sentances that would put the listener/reader in the middle of that moment.

-Describe it for us – really try to take us back with you!

-No back-story

-No explanation

-No justification

-Just the experience of a moment or moments when you knew or were reminded that “as for you” – you were trusting Jesus.

  1. At the end of your 3-5 sentences write:

-Your name

-Your occupation

-Your age, as of today

That’s it. Don’t add anything else to your post!

Your story matters and we’re honored to hear a portion of it.


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