The Purpose of the Christ Healing Center

Place of Refuge: Christ Healing Center (CHC) seeks to provide a safe, confidential and quiet healing environment for people who are broken, hurting, sick or despairing of heart. CHC provides a time for rest, preparation, Christian meditation or time to be with God in private prayer.

Prayer at CHC focuses on the spiritual needs of the person first. The primary “dis-ease” of all persons is the separation that exists between the Creator God and His creatures that are the total focus of His Divine love and grace. The Holy Spirit of God grants us inner-healing that bridges that gap or separation. This expectant grace serves as a vital foundation to the wholeness that Jesus offers at the psychological and physical levels.

Place of Welcome: Christ Healing Center is a place for all people to come and receive healing prayer regardless of affiliation, denominational membership, or political persuasion. All are welcome. However, Christian healing is what CHC is all about and prayer will be offered within the structure of the core values of the center.

Healing of the Whole Person and the Community: Healing comes in many ways. In seeking a reprieve from physical symptoms, one could miss the need for relief that comes from addressing the inner issues of anger, depression, loss, and bitterness. The lack of forgiveness is a deadly illness of the soul and can be the very cause of a physical malady. Wholeness of the total person is the goal of healing prayer. Whole persons make for whole communities. The health of any city or community begins with the complete health of its individuals.

Restoration of Relationships: Christ Healing Center seeks to promote the unity of the Body of Christ. Healing prayer focuses on reconciliation and restoration of strained or broken relationships. Everyone is encouraged to work together in harmony and tear down walls that divide us in order to enhance the peace of the community and to spread Christ’s Gospel of reconciliation.

Intercessory Prayer: Christ Healing Center employs an intercessory ministry of prayer. Volunteers pray for the ministry of the healing teams, the staff and the various events of the center. Additionally, they pray for the leaders of the city and country, as well as the ministries of participating churches. This is a vital component of Christ Healing Center and is one of the foremost ministries of the center.

Center of Christian Training: Christ Healing Center works with its church partners to train and equip prayer teams that in turn pray with those who need healing in mind, body or spirit. Additionally, the center provides further training for individuals, ministers, groups, healing ministry teams and primary care givers in Christian healing prayer.

Healing Services: Healing services will be conducted by trained healing teams. People who are ill or injured in mind, body and spirit can seek healing through Jesus Christ. These services will form the basis of the outreach ministry to the community.